We're the Van Nimans!

We're the Van Nimans!
Having fun at our wedding, New Year's Eve 2022 🍾

Hello 👋 We're Adrienne & Joey Van Niman, and for the foreseeable future, we're embracing the "digital nomad" lifestyle and exploring North America while living & working out of our Airstream travel trailer. Oh, and our dog Hollie is coming too.

Why embrace the "Van" life?

(Get it? Van Nimans? "Van" life? Ha)

In short: because we wanted to shake up our lives a bit, and the timing seemed perfect for going on an adventure like this. We can both work remotely, we don't have kids/major responsibilities (other than our dog child), the lease on our rental house was ending, and we wanted to travel more. Why not seize the moment?!

Our main goal is to make travel more of a priority in our lives by taking advantage of this work-from-home era – experience new places, meet new people, and get out of our comfort zones a bit. And (hopefully) we'll save a little money for whenever we decide to settle back into a not-on-wheels house.

A bit about us

We've known each other since high school, been together since 2015 (college days), and recently got married on New Year's Eve 2022! ❤️

Our home base is the great state of North Carolina, where we've both lived for almost our entire lives, and where most of our closest family & friends live.

Joey works in insurance, and I'm in marketing – fortunately, we can both be remote full-time, which is obviously a huge reason we're able to do this.

Outside of traveling and exploring new places, we love canoe camping, skiing/snowboarding, eating good food, enjoying good music, and just chilling!

Follow along on the journey

Along the way, we plan to document our adventures here in writing and photos/videos... mostly for fun and so we can remember the details later, but also to share with any family and friends who want to keep up with us.

Hope you enjoy, whoever's reading this! 😎